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So welcome to this new venture. The plan here is to present a collection of intelligent opinions on the Rays from a number of different folk including Jason Collette of Dock of the Rays. This is not going to be a daily site, necessarily, since that is a ton of work and just not an attractive path right now. Add this place to your RSS feeds or use the handy email signup button on the side to get updates because of the most part the schedule around these parts will be more casual and spontaneous than, say, DRaysBay.

The goal is for a mixture of what you have become accustomed to from me in terms of player, front office, and managerial analysis. Maddon’s Mission, while fun, was a little too niche for my tastes. Analyzing Joe Maddon is irritating because he rarely makes glaring mistakes and simply writing “Maddon was right” over and over makes for an uninteresting read and write alike.

Anyways, time for baseball writing.

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