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Is Fernando Rodney Tipping Pitches?

Update: Here’s Rodney last opening day. Note the glove height and angle:


Last night, during Fernando Rodney’s WBC appearance, former A’s and Cardinals pitcher and current ESPN analyst Mark Mulder tweeted that Rodney was tipping his pitches. Mulder’s explanation was that the height of Rodney’s glove gave away his pitch. Luckily Rodney pitched again tonight, and Mulder may have a point.

Jason Collette screencapped what appears to be the two differences between Rodney’s delivery on fastballs and changeups: The glove’s height and the timing of his hand break. Here are those parts of Rodney’s delivery on a fastball:

And here on a changeup:

There are a few questions worth asking before worrying too much about it. First: Can hitters pick up on either tell, and second: does he always do it? Of course it may not matter too much either way; it’s just something to keep in mind during the regular season.


  1. Jake wrote:

    I blame the plantain stuffed in his pants. #justsayin

  2. Hmmm… Interesting. I wonder if any of it is intentional or if, as was noted on Twitter, the hitters can even detect the difference. One would think the ERA record for relievers currently resting in the record books would suggest hitters didn’t notice, but more people will be watching this year; that’s for sure. If other teams can exploit it, they will be watching and waiting and ready from day one.

  3. R.J. Anderson wrote:

    Updated with an image from last opening day.

  4. If he’s been tipping his pitches consistently since last year this doesn’t seem like a large concern. Seems like something the Rays coaches would spot though.

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  6. Ever heard of a reverse tells? .60 ERA ,advance scouting, and slow mo. Still Ballin down here in Tampa.

  7. I heard the same thing about Mariano Rivera as well!

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