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The Latest on Jake McGee’s Development

The always reliable Adam Sosbey has another Jake McGee update:

I asked McGee what’s become of his changeup, which he used to throw when he was a starter, and he replied that the Rays told him to stop throwing it. “Focus on my two pitches,” he said they wanted. (To that end, he’s messing with his deuce yet again: He has changed his grip, slowing the breaking ball way down ti 74 mph, so that it’s more like a curveball than the slider it has been. Just throw the thing, I sometimes want to say when I’m feeling impatient.)

The last time Sosbey wrote about McGee’s development, he noted that the organization wanted McGee to develop his slider control to the point where he could place it inside against right-handed batters. I’m just speculating here, but my guess is the Rays just don’t think that’s going to happen—at least not in a timely manner. By throwing a curve, McGee would have a weapon versus righties, and his high-octane fastball alone should be enough to retire lefties. It’s an interesting development, and one that could push McGee back into the major league bullpen as soon as the curve takes—if the curve takes.

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