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Jake Odorizzi – Pitcher Card

Throughout the rest of the offseason, we will be publishing player cards for most of the 40-man roster. It is our hope that these cards become points of reference for you during the 2014 season. All data via ESPN Stats & Info

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Interview with Fangraphs on his evolution as a pitcher and the development of his repertoire

He only threw 534 pitches in 2013 while facing 122 batters. The sample size is only large enough for his strikeout rate, his groundball rate, and his flyball rate

Strengths (2013):

  • Held righties to a .208 batting average and a .270 wOBA
  • Struck out 23.2% of the righties he faced
  • Got righties to chase at 30.9% of the pitches he threw
  • Allowed just one home run to the 56 righties he faced
  • His 6.6% walk rate on the season fell just outside the top 25% of the league

Weaknesses (2013):

  • Has a .367 wOBA versus lefties compared to a .270 wOBA versus righties thus far
  • K% falls from 23.2% versus righties to 13.6% against lefities
  • Righties have just a .256 BABIP against him while lefties sit at .313
  • 62 of his 90 balls in play have been either flyballs or line drives
  • Primarily a two-pitch pitcher: FB/CH to lefties, & FB/BB to righties

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