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James Shields Returns (Sort Of) and Other Links

Here are three links while we wait on the Rays to make three 40-man roster moves:

– James Shields stopped by the Trop today on truck day. Seeing Shields in a Royals hat, or writing about the Rays rotation without mentioning him remains a surreal experience, even as we near the two-month mark of the trade. With acts like this and those sprinkled throughout his playing career you can’t help but wonder if he might return to the organization one day in a non-playing capacity.
– The esteemed Tom Verducci named Alex Cobb one of his at-risk pitchers in 2013. Russell Carleton presented a convincing case (with plenty of math) outing the Verducci Effect as a lackluster predictive model at best.
– Fernando Perez signed with the Sugar Land Skeeters. The Skeeters employed a number of former big-leaguers last season, including Roger Clemens, but another ex-Rays player might serve as the best-case scenario for Perez. Scott Kazmir couldn’t find a gig before signing with the Skeeters and pitching decently. He signed a minor-league deal with the Indians this offseason. Here’s hoping Perez, who, by the way, interviewed with the Astros for a front office position this position, gets another crack at the majors sometime soon.


  1. Count me worried about the rotation. Moore is still a work in progress, I fear (lefties take more time to get going). I worry that Hellickson will drop a bomb any moment now. Niemann, when healthy, isn’t dominant. Cabb is solid, but still not fully tested.

    All I’m saying: I miss James. 🙁

    And way to go Perez! I hope to see him again someday soon.

  2. At this point I’m no longer surprised about “professional writers” spinning pseudo-theoretical bs like the Verducci piece. Carleton hands him his head, an I’m sure isn’t nearly as well compensated for his efforts.

    Yeah, it WILL be weird to see Shields play for another team. Another victim of small ball, I guess.

    And definitely props to Fer! I wonder how many players interview for FO gigs AND play in the same year?

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