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Jays Demote Travis Snider

Travis Snider is a name that often pops up in comparison to Josh Sale. Both are Washington natives who bat left-handed with similar complexions and builds, but the similarities will end with this sentence. The Jays promoted Snider to the majors at age 20 and success has not transpired. I wrote about the situation in more depth at BPro, but this is one of those times where you have to appreciate the Rays kid’s gloves treatment of Desmond Jennings.

Astros designate Joe Inglett for assignment

My first thought was whether the Rays could get Inglett back. They could, but it’s unlikely. Either the Rays would have to claim Inglett on waivers (assuming he is placed on them and not traded), thus giving him a 40-man roster spot—they would then have to designate him for assignment in order to pass him through optional waivers and outright him to Durham, again, assuming he would pass through waivers. That’s a lot of procedural work for someone who the Rays thought they could do without not too long ago.

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