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Joe Maddon or W. Timothy Gallwey?

About two years ago I posted a few quotations and asked whether they belonged to Earl Weaver or Joe Maddon. I’m bringing that concept back today with a different twist. Rather than Weaver the other choice will be W. Timothy Gallwey, author of a few sports psychology books. Here are the four quotations. You can find the answers after the jump.

1) “How do you incorporate that philosophically, how do you get them to engage active­ly? A big part of it is that we really try to get them to understand to not worry about making mistakes. I think fear is taught too much, we don’t teach fear.”

2) “It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being present—and if they can understand that, it really matters, because you’re going to make mistakes. When you make a mistake, to not make other mistakes based on that one where you’re constantly think­ing about it, rehashing it, obsessively thinking about it, that’s where bad things happen. If you’re able to file it—because you’re going to do it, you’re going to screw up—if you’re able to file that rather quickly and move on to the next moment, we have a better chance of winning that night.”

3) “By the word ‘learning’ I do not mean the collection of information, but the realization of something which actually changes one’s behavior.”

4) “That’s the misconception. It’s not necessarily about getting stron­ger or a different kind of work pattern, it’s about what you’re thinking.”

Answers: 1) Maddon, 2) Maddon, 3) Gallwey (The Inner Game of Tennis), and 4) Maddon

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