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Jonathan Mayo on Mike Montgomery

This is March, where fluff pieces fly free, yet Jonathan Mayo’s new piece on Mike Montgomery offers value beyond forged optimism. Mayo provides insight into Montgomery’s mindset as well as his rehabilitation as a legitimate pitching prospect by quoting Montgomery, Matt Moore, and Joe Maddon. Within the piece Montgomery sounds like someone that needs to learn about the process-based philosophy preached within the organization (“How do you still have confidence when you go out there and you don’t have good results?”). Likewise, Maddon suggests Montgomery needs a crash course in pitchability:

“The biggest thing that stands out to me is pitch selection, what to throw in different moments,” [Maddon said]. “I just think to me, he seems to be pigeon holed into throwing his fastball when he might be behind in the count. He has all the ingredients, he just doesn’t know what to do with them yet. As he learns how to pitch better and is less predictable, I think you’re going to see the results become better.”

How Montgomery develops is up to anyone’s guess. What’s certain is that his journey will be one of the most-documented stories on the minor-league front throughout this season, and perhaps seasons to come.

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