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Jose Molina is Prepared

From a weekend New York Times piece on Bloomberg Sports:

About 150 major league players and coaches, like Travis Hafner, Jose Molina and C. J. Wilson, pay $700 a season for a subscription to Pitch Review, which tailors baseball’s statistical database and video of every pitch thrown to the needs of each player.

With the touch of a few buttons, hitters can watch recent outings by pitchers that they will soon face, or pitchers can review hitters’ at-bats. The video can be sorted by pitch type or result, hit type or result, ball-and-strike count, number of outs and runners on base. If players want, they can watch entire games in at-bat-size chunks, one after another.

The article has a screenshot of the product, which gives you a sneak peek of what Molina might view during his pre-game work with the app.

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