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Justice on Archer, Price, and Hickey

For some Rays-related reading that has nothing to do with the trade deadline, check out this piece by Richard Justice of MLB.com. Justice delves into the Chris Archer-David Price relationship, and also drops this tidbit about a spring coaching session that got Archer back on track:

Let’s begin there. When the 24-year-old rookie right-hander was struggling early in the season, Rays pitching coach Jim Hickey compared two years of Archer video. Something jumped out.

“He wasn’t following through with his landing foot,” Hickey said.

Maybe that explained why he had a drop in velocity and command. So they went to work in the bullpen. Hickey drew a line near the front of the mound and told Archer to aim for that spot. To say everything was repaired wouldn’t be accurate.

The entire piece is worth your time.

(Hat tip to Josh Frank.)

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