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Keith Law on Parker Markel

The venerable Keith Law attended Hudson Valley’s game last night, and apparently took a liking to the night’s starting pitcher, 39th-round selection Parker Markel. While the blog itself is behind the Insider wall, most of Law’s Markel comments lay outside of the pay wall. Still, I’m only going to quote a sentence or two, and you’ll have to click-through for the rest:

Markel was 92-97 mph early in the outing with a plus slider at 81-82 and a solid-average changeup with good arm speed at 81-84, although I think the low arm slot will still work against him somewhat against left-handed hitters.


He’s a low-3/4 slinger who doesn’t stride much or get over his front side well, and that — plus the fact that he didn’t hold his stuff — makes him more likely to be a reliever.

Most of my draft focus was on the early rounds, and understandably so, but talent is talent, and if the Rays can somehow get a relief prospect in the late rounds—and it sounds like Markel could develop into more than a middle reliever type—then you have to hand it to the scouting department for finding value throughout. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

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