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Keith Law Ranks Prospects’s Keith Law has published various prospect-related rankings over the last few days. Because Law is one of best prospect evaluators in the public realm, let’s recap what he wrote.

Law started the week by grading the Rays’ farm as the 23rd-best in the game, which feels about right. The Rays have added some interesting young players in trades throughout the winter, but none of the impact variety—the main determinant with these lists. Obviously the Rays have a few players who, if they do their part, could push the system north before the 2016 edition; for now, though, 23rd is hard to argue against.

Law then revealed his league-wide top-100 and organizational top-10 (seen here for free). Catcher Justin O’Conner and middle infielder Daniel Robertson were fortunate enough to earn spots on both lists, with Willy Adames, Taylor Guerrieri, and Steven Souza rounding out the org’s top-five. Two other rankings worth noting are the Rays’ likely fifth starter Nate Karns at no. 6 (Alex Colome, Karns’ main competition, didn’t qualify due to his service time), and Hak-Ju Lee at no. 8, who Law acknowledged might be little more than an up-and-down talent if he fails to recover from his knee injury.

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