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Kevin Goldstein’s Latest Mock

This would be huge:

24. Tampa Bay Rays: Josh Bell, OF, Dallas Jesuit HS (TX). Thoughts on what the Rays will do with their picks have gone from aggressive to “crazy aggressive.” They don’t have the cash to compete with the Red Sox and Yankees in the free agency market, so this year’s plethora of picks is their chance to find cost-controlled superstars. Bell is the best high school bat in the draft, and the Rays are looking more and more like they’ll do what it takes to sign the best player they can find with nearly every pick. Last Mock: Jose Fernandez.

Bell is a switch-hitter with plus power and contact abilities. He is represented by Scott Boras and has a strong Texas commitment–word last week was that he would not sign and asked teams not to draft him. Selecting Bell is one thing, signing him will be another. The good news here is even if the Rays can’t sign Bell, they would get the 25th pick in next year’s draft as compensation. But still, wow.

Oh, and Goldstein also has the Rays taking Dan Vogelbach at 32. Entering the draft, that seems to be the one definite for the Rays.

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