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Kevin Kiermaier Draws Praise

Every week, Baseball Prospectus publishes a collection of scout quotes. This week’s edition included one scout highlighting a Rays prospect who might be unfamiliar to most.

The scout called Kevin Kiermaier, the club’s 31st-round pick in 2010, a “big-time sleeper” and said the 23-year-old “displays a Brett Gardner-like toolset.” While pointing out that Kiermaier bumped former first-round pick Mikie Mahtook to a corner-outfield spot, the scout applauded Kiermaier’s “top-shelf speed and instincts” along with his “gap-to-gap line-drive approach.” As for Kiemaier’s future outlook, the scout said he wouldn’t be “the least bit surprised if he lands an everyday center field job.” Whether that occurs with the Rays or another team is to be seen but Kiermaier, like C.J. Riefenhauser, is a less-heralded piece of Durham’s squad that should graduate soon to the majors.

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