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Kiley McDaniel on Richie Shaffer, Others

Regardless of the venue, Kiley McDaniel always does good work. Lately, at FanGraphs, he’s spent time writing about various Rays prospects, including Parker Markel, Nick Sawyer, and Richie Shaffer. I recommend both pieces even if you’re unfamiliar with the players involved. Here’s a snippet from the Shaffer piece:

As it so often is, the question here seems to be if Shaffer will hit enough since the power is enough to profile at first base and the bat speed is a good start. Going to my three components of the hit tool, Shaffer has plus hitting tools, at least above average bat control and at least average plate discipline. That should add up to an above average hitter but the secret fourth part of the hit tool is the approach or how those tools are used. Being a late-count hitter will get his walk and strikeout totals higher and his flyball and power oriented swing will contribute as well.


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