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Logan Morrison – 2016 Player Card

As we count down the days until the blessed return of baseball we’ll be bringing snapshots from a variety of angles for each of the significant players on this year’s upcoming Rays team. The format will be similar for each player and then we want to take a look at an individual thing for each guy towards the end of each card. Think of these as a quick cheat sheet on what a player looks like. You can use the Corey Dickerson card as a walkthrough, of sorts. Now at the plate – Logan Morrison.

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XBH & Whiff

After writing more extensively on Morrison earlier this offseason I just wanted to take a quick look at where his extra base hits and swinging strikes came from and on what pitches. He has a bit in common with James Loney, in that, he likes the ball out over the heart of the plate and away. He’s able to drive some fastballs inside, mostly up, but far more of his production comes outer half. You can see just how apt he is to chase down and off the plate away.

The most important takeaway with LoMo is just how very good he is when staying within the zone and just how very bad he is when he expands out of it. His BACON is more than .100 points higher and his SLGCON is twice as high within the strike zone as it is out of it. That’s pretty evident here as the power is non-existent outside of the wide zone and not a whole lot more between there and the rule book zone. Keeping it tight, while staying aggressive on pitches in the zone could go a long way in helping LoMo be a contributor this year.








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