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The Must-Read Piece of the Week

Mark Shapiro, the Indians president and former general manager, did a lengthy interview with FOX Sports Ohio’s Pat McManamon earlier in the week. The two touched on a number of topics, ranging from revenue streams to transactions to how the Indians value players. The Rays are not mentioned, but there are enough similarities between Tampa Bay and Cleveland that you can relate to some of the struggles Shapiro expresses.

Here’s a teaser:

Q: Do you believe that?

A: I think more people will come. But the challenge is 2.2 million instead of 1.6 million doesn’t change the way we operate. Even that extra 500,000, 600,000 people, even if that’s $10-to-15 more million in revenue a year . . . one win in free agency is $9 million. So you’re not going to change the context. Again, I don’t think people want to intellectualize baseball, and I don’t believe you should have to intellectualize baseball . . . and we’ve made a conscious decision in most of our interviews not to get into these topics and just stay positive and talk about what our aspirations are.

But that revenue swing between 1.5 million in attendance and 2.2 million in attendance . . . meaningful dollars but not dollars that will have us plan dramatically different

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  1. Yes, gate dollars are nice, but they’re completely overblown in an era when TV is giving out entire payrolls as if it was candy. I’ve said this for awhile that the difference isn’t enough to change how the team operates or would allow them to adjust future payroll projections. Good read, would recommend.

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