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The New Nevin Ashley

Mark Thomas, who turns 25 in May, is regarded as the organization’s best minor-league defensive catcher (having won that title from Baseball America in back-to-back years). While he is no Molina, he did show off some skills on Saturday. Thomas was quiet behind the plate and displayed solid receiving abilities. His arm is okay by the position’s standards, and good footwork enables him to post average pop times (and to throw out Jackie Bradley Jr. during the game in question). Were Thomas capable of chipping in offensively he could be slotted in as a backup. Unfortunately the bat just isn’t there and his upside seems limited to a third catcher, which is a formal way of saying the Chris Gimenez role. It’s not great upside but it does represent decent value for a 22nd rounder.


  1. does he have a wife named Thomas?

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