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Marlins Return Braulio Lara to Rays

You might recall that the Marlins took southpaw Braulio Lara in the second round of last December’s Rule 5 draft. At the time we wrote:

Although Lara turns 24 in two weeks, he’s yet to advance beyond A-ball due to control issues. The arm strength is impressive, however.

Unsurprisingly Lara’s stay with the Marlins was short-lived as he was returned to the Rays over the weekend, according to  Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post. Lara, who pitched for Charlotte last season, could open the season in Montgomery.

In related news, Kyle Lobstein, selected by the Mets then traded to the Tigers, will probably be returned to the Rays in the coming weeks as well, provided he passes through waivers.


  1. merrillfraz wrote:

    What are the waiver rules based on during Spring Training? I don’t think I’ve ever heard waivers mentioned during the “off-season”, so I’d like to know how that works.

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