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Matt Joyce and the C-Hack

If Plan A is not working, you need to have a Plan B. If Plan B does not pan out, you better hope there is a Plan C. Luckily for the Rays, Matt Joyce had a plan C or in this case a C-Hack.

Jason Bourgeois gets due credit for being the hero. Getting a walk-off hit to break a six-game losing streak in mid-August is deserving of top billing during the post-game shenanigans. But Joyce’s game-tying hit took a little bit of the edge off; almost literally.

Following Ben Zobrist‘s lead-off triple in the bottom of the ninth, Joyce came to the plate with the tying run 90 feet away and no outs. Facing one of the emerging late-inning arms in the game, Danny Farquhar, he fell behind 0-2. Farquhar is not a typical reliever with one or two tricks. He has three really good pitches. With an 0-2 advantage, he can go in any direction. That said, he favors the fastball in this count.

Going back to a familiar well, Joe Maddon‘s two-strike approach of choice is the B-Hack – the approach of looking for a fastball away instead of bracing for soft stuff down the middle or inside. Joyce went beyond the B-Hack tonight and dipped into his C-Hack. Down 0-2, he went after a fastball on the outer half of the plate. The extreme outer half.


Joyce poked his bat out across the plate and was able to chop the ball past a drawn in infield and into center field for the game-tying hit. Had he struck out, the possible scenarios with a runner on third and one out are vast. However, Joyce eliminated those sequence of events and guaranteed at least another inning of baseball with a new tool – the C-Hack.

Data and visuals courtesy of ESPN Stats & Info.

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