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Matt Joyce Returns (And Other Random Links)

  • Matt Joyce is back; Will Rhymes heads to Durham. On Sunday, I outlined why I thought Brooks Conrad would outlast Rhymes. Little did I know that Hideki Matsui would, too. My guess is that something happens with Matsui when Sam Fuld needs a spot.
  • MLB Network interviewed Andrew Friedman yesterday. You can see the interview here, as Friedman talks about a slew of trade-related topics. The two notable quotables (Hat tip: Tim Shanahan of MLB Network):
    • (Re: the James Shields rumors) “If we ever have to go to market to try to get pitching, we’re doomed.  We can’t afford it.  There’s no other way for us to really access it.  So with the depth that we have right now, we’re not going to be flippant about it.  We’re not going to be too quick to move.  But that being said, we do have a lot of depth and concentration of assets in our starting rotation…Because of how sensitive we are of ever waking up one day without five good starters to compete in this American League East, I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t do anything on that front.”
    • (Re: the Rays’ scarcity of deadline moves) “For us to be able to maintain success over a multi-year period, it’s really important for us not to get into a situation where we’re trading off really good, young pieces for a short-term fix. But we’ve been very aggressive in the past few years of trying to do something.  In more cases than not, I’m happy that the teams went another direction as opposed to going with our deal.”
  • Jonathan Gantt wrote an interesting article about Twitter and the ever-changing player-fan dynamic. As an added bonus: the article’s image tests the theory that Sam Fuld looks like a regular guy. (Hat tip: Kevin Orris)
  • Finally, you never want a player to get hurt, particularly not a player that can help the team win. But here’s one other negative about Brandon Guyer’s injury: Because he’s on the big-league disabled list, he’ll accrue major-league service time throughout the season. Without doing the day-counting necessary to get an exact figure, it looks like he’ll come close to having a full year of time by the season’s end. Unfortunate, as Guyer will end the season with 50 career plate appearances.

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