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Praise for Matt Moore and Enny Romero

The wonderful Jason Parks wrote about left-handed pitching prospects yesterday, and two Rays were included. You can guess one of them, but the other has been able to remain in the shadows (get it? You will):

Leader of the Pack (Present): Matt Moore (Rays)

The case for: Moore has a wicked combination of stuff and is developing command over the stuff. At present, he can bring a plus fastball (that flashes plus-plus) that works in the 92-95 range, but can touch higher when he needs it. The curveball is a 70-grade behemoth, built on velocity and depth, not to mention a sharp break. It’s an above-average major-league out pitch now, and his command of it continues to improve; he can drop the pitch in the zone for a strike or put it in the dirt as a chase pitch.

The changeup projects to be an average major-league pitch at the very least; it already flashes plus potential, with good arm-side fading action and natural weight. The delivery has been considered noisy, leading to bouts of inconsistent command, but reports on the delivery have been positive and the command has been much improved in 2011.
With a strong, durable frame, a collection of above-average pitches, and a preternatural ability to miss bats, Moore projects to be a legit top-of-the-rotation arm at the major-league level. The Rays like to take it slow and low with their prospects, and that could keep Moore in the minors until late 2012. But don’t let the developmental philosophy cloud the legitimacy of his prospect status. Moore is the best left-handed pitcher in the minors, and looks to remain in this position until he vacates the farm.

Parks then turns his attention to Enny Romero, stating “[He] could be the name on the top of this list. The raw stuff is that electric.”

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