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Matt Moore’s Domination of Double-A Continues

After Matt Moore’s latest gem—seven innings, 10 strikeouts, one hit (a home run), and one walk—it’s time to have some fun with the Rays lone pitching representative in Sunday’s Futures Game and his impressive season for Montgomery.

– To start, the basics: Moore is striking out 33.4 percent of batters faced, and only walking around seven percent—his previous career-low is 8.6 percent, set in 2008 when he pitched at short-season rookie ball.

– Unsurprisingly, Moore is toting the best strikeout-to-walk ratio of his career.

– Moore has struck out at least as many batters as hits allowed in all but one of his 17 starts, and has fanned more than baserunners allowed in 12 of those starts—including five starts with five or more strikeouts than baserunners.

– Moore has allowed more than two runs in three of his starts, which is fewer than the amount of times he has allowed zero runs (four). If you go by earned runs, Moore has allowed more than two runs just twice this season, with those coming in back-to-back starts in mid-April.

There just isn’t much else to say about Moore shy of gushing over his potential, as he has been as flawless as you could ask for. It makes you wonder if the Rays don’t push him to Triple-A sometime after Sunday, because on the surface, there is nothing else for him to do. Not that I’d expect Triple-A to give him a challenge either. If you can pitch at Double-A, usually that’s a good sign, and when you pitch like Moore has at Double-A, it’s generally a very, very good sign.

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