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Matt Moore’s Strikeouts Are Consistent

When I wrote about Desmond Jennings’ ISO earlier this season, I noted how consistent it remained year-to-year. The same level of consistency is evident in Matthew Moore’s strikeout rate any way you cut it. For proof:

Per nine innings pitched
2007: 12.8
2008: 12.8
2009: 12.9
2010: 12.9
2011: 12.6

As a percentage of total batters faced:
2007: 31.2 percent
2008: 34.8 percent
2009: 33.7 percent
2010: 34.8 percent
2011: 34.2 percent

This is over all kinds of sample sizes too. In 2007, he faced 93 batters. In 2009, he faced 522. He has advanced a level per year starting in 2009 too, yet nothing has changed in his fannings. I don’t really have much else to add—although the early reductions on walks seems nice, as long as it isn’t directly contributing to the uptick in homers—but the Rays top two prospects are consistent in at least one phase of their games.

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