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More on the Rays and Same-Handed Changeups

Ben Lindbergh’s latest for Baseball Prospectus focuses on the Rays’ obsession with same-handed changeups. There’s a lot of quality stuff within. Here’s two standout quotes for different reasons:

“When I started throwing that pitch in 2002, a couple friends of mine told me, ‘Don’t throw it to the righty because they’re going to hit it,’” Rodney says. “I said, ‘No, they have no chance to hit it.’ And one [friend] saw me, he told me, ‘Hey, you got a nice changeup. You can throw both sides of the plate, righty, lefty…How do you do that?’” Remembering, Rodney laughs. “I said, ‘I’m sorry, that’s got to be given.’”


Torres gives Shields full credit for his same-sided changeup conversion, remembering that he was hesitant to throw the pitch to lefties before Shields recommended that he add it to his repertoire two years ago. (So far, Shields’ same-sided changeup rate has declined considerably in Kansas City.)

The piece is behind the paywall.

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