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New Podcast

We are starting a new collaborative podcast with our friends on the blogosphere. Our first episode of The Podcess Report has Toby David hosting the show and discussing the pitching rotation and the offense with our own Jason Collette and the infamous Sternfan of Dock of the Rays.

If the embedded player below does not work, the file can be directly accessed here


  1. The Collabo | wrote:

    […]  The inaugural episode of what will prove to be a very entertaining and educational can be found HERE.  I, for one, welcome our Process Report overlords and look forward to what will prove to be a […]

  2. Jake wrote:

    Ooooh, can’t wait until I’m in on this

  3. […] The Process Report‘s brand new podcast “The Podcast Report” made it’s debut yesterday. It’s definitely worth a listen: […]

  4. lets be real in roberto hernandez they r looking for lightning in a bottle. I’m not saying thats a bad thing however, 2007 was his lat good year.

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