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Notes on Mike Montgomery and Andrew Toles

Mike Montgomery and Andrew Toles are featured in the latest edition of Baseball Prospectus’ Notes from the Field series. The reports, authored by Al Skorupa, offer the same label for both players: project.

Though Montgomery is entering his second season with the organization, not much has changed since the day the Rays acquired him. Skorupa writes that Montgomery sat in the low-90s with his fastball, and showed a quality curveball—albeit one he tipped, and could not locate for strikes. That’s a common them for Montgomery, despite his impressive athleticism, as Skorupa wrote that the enigmatic southpaw possesses “weak command and control.” As for the future, Skorupa concludes that Montgomery is a “potential left-handed specialist.” A career as a LOOGY is not what the Rays, nor the Royals for that matter, envisioned. Yet, given Montgomery’s recent struggles, such a result would qualify as an acceptable outcome.

From one unrefined player to another. Skorupa praised Toles’ athleticism, among other things, but kept his place in the developmental process in perspective. Along with describing Toles as a free swinger, Skorupa wrote that the young outfielder expands his zone in all directions, and too often becomes a front-foot hitter. Skorupa describes Toles as having “obvious plus athleticism” but says he “didn’t run hard for me” and “picked himself off second base while the pitcher held the ball.” In closing he writes that Toles is a project with a “wide range of potential outcomes.”

The piece is free for all to view, and includes video from Montgomery’s outing.

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