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Now batting, number 4-3, Kevin Kiermaier

The Outlaw made a hell of a catch to end the game yesterday in Cleveland after a road trip that saw his bat showing signs of coming out of a three week slump. That said, there is still one area of his game that continues to hold him back.

Kiermaier turned 27 last month, which some believe is the magical age players break out. Hint – it isn’t. As the elder statesman on this blog, I cling to the fact that age is just a number as my body begins to betray me. On April 22nd, as Kiermaier turned 27  and his bat began betraying him as he went 0 for 3 with a hat trick in that game before exiting feeling under the weather. He then went on to go hitless in 9 of 10 games before his bat started to show signs of coming out of its hangover in Fenway over the weekend.

Kevin Kiermaier‘s issues and approach at the plate have been covered here many, many, times. Two areas have consistently dogged him at the plate: the high heat and pitches on the outer third of the plate. The latter issue is the one that has stood out of late:

Groundballs on the pull side of the infield are tough to convert into hits. Kiermaier has pulled 10 balls to the pull side on the ground in recent weeks; one went through the hole for a single and another was deep enough up the middle for him to beat out.

The one white dot to the left side was also in yesterday’s game as Kiermaier took a pitch on the outside corner from Dan Otero and slapped it that direction and was easily able to beat out the throw from Francisco Lindor.

Perhaps he could use that land of opportunity to that side of the infield as pitchers continue to pitch him away in hopes that he will play into their hands and roll over on something and generate yet another 4-3 putout that does not allow him to use his speed on the basepaths.

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