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One More Word on Playoff Rosters

By R.J. Anderson //

To add onto Tommy’s last point, this isn’t completely settled. The Rays’ current list of playoff eligible players reads as follows:

SP – Shields, Price, Davis, Niemann, Garza
RP – Qualls, Soriano, Benoit, Wheeler, Choate, Cormier, Balfour, Howell
C- Shoppach, Jaso
1B – Pena
2B – Zobrist, Rodriguez
SS – Bartlett, Brignac
LF – Crawford
CF – Upton
RF – Joyce, Kapler
DH – Johnson, Aybar, Hawpe

Yes, that is 28 players, not 25. Three of those names will not be on the ALDS roster and that number may grow. Between now and that series, the Rays could run into a case where they place a pitcher – like Cormier – on the disabled list and as such could apply to the commissioner’s office in order to get a replacement. Say, Jake McGee. The only catch in these situations is the same nagging rule that states pitchers can only replace pitchers and batters replace batters.

Kapler is the only position player spot that might be available although if the Rays activate him that becomes a moot point. It seems unlikely that Rocco Baldelli will be on the playoff roster. Same with Desmond Jennings and certainly Dioner Navarro barring injury. However one could argue the Rays will be auditioning all the aforementioned names (minus Navarro) for a spot. The same can be said for McGee and Hellickson, who both could be on the roster with one well-timed injury.

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