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Perrotto: Evan Longoria May Return April 29

The early timetable after the Rays placed Evan Longoria on the disabled list was three weeks. That was on April 3. According to John Perrotto of Baseball Prospectus, the Rays are now hoping Longoria will return on April 29—a Friday—just in time for the start of a six-game homestand. It stands to reason that Longoria might miss that series too, and actually not return until May 3, when the Rays start the second half of that homestand—leading to him missing roughly a month’s work of action.

In the interim, the Rays will continue to platoon Sean Rodriguez and Felipe Lopez. Despite playing without arguably the best third baseman in the league, the Rays have gotten good production from the hot corner. Whereas the league-average mark for third base offense this season is at a 737 OPS, the Rays combination has an aggregate 819 OPS—backed by a .517 slugging percentage, which carries the load for a .302 on-base percentage.

That may not be a sustainable mark and it’s certainly skewed by OPS’s ignorance towards the value of OBP, but all things considered, the Rays could certainly be worse off.

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