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Pitching Workloads

Periodically, we have posted the innings totals of the starting staff comparing it to similar dates from 2012. Here is how those 2013 totals compare to the rest of the league not only for the starters, but for the bullpen as well as pitch totals for all teams.

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  1. merrillfraz wrote:

    Is total pitches the same metric as total innings though? More pitches seems like a bad thing to me. More innings being a good thing.

    • Workload is workload, but I find pitch counts rather than innings to be a better measure of workload. We know that not all innings are created equal so pitch counts levels that playing field. It doesn’t accurately measure the up and down movement between innings and warming up for each inning, but it still helps show differences. If I were a Pirates fan, I would be concerned that my relievers have thrown 24% more pitches than the Cardinal relievers this season as bullpen burnout has led to many a second half fade (see Atlanta, 2011).

  2. Jason Hanselman wrote:

    I’m with Collette, use the more defined unit where possible. Pretty crazy that the Rays starters have thrown so many pitches. With all the rookies soaking it up a bit the pen has had a chance to get situated and has inspired much more confidence of late. Amazing what one vintage start from Price can do to change your outlook on a rotation. I hope whatever happened is behind him.

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