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Potential Draftee of Interest: Ryan Boldt

Nebraska commit Ryan Boldt is in a tough position. Playing ball in Minnesota afforded Boldt fewer opportunities to impress scouts than if he played in a warm-weather state. Compounding matters further is a knee issue (a bone bruise turned slight meniscus tear) that figures to cost him two months as he is not expected to play again before the draft.

So why would a team take a chance on Boldt? Because of what he showed in those limited looks. Boldt could have five average-to-above-average tools one day. Even if he doesn’t there are things to like about his game. His speed clocks in at plus, and he figures to stick in center field. Add in a contact-orientated approach at the plate that’s supported with a quick bat, and Boldt has the makings of being a three-way threat: offensively, defensively, and on the basepaths.

Excerpts from the experts

Nick Faleris (October, $): “Boldt projects well as a two-hole hitter, capable of driving the gaps (and particularly the opposite gap) while producing enough natural backspin to put some over the fence.”

Chris Crawford (preseason, $): “He’s far from a finished product, but if Boldt reaches his potential he’s a future lead-off hitter who can give you well above-average defense at centerfield.”

Franchise history at the position

The Rays can do high-school outfielders. Even ignoring first-overall selections, like Josh Hamilton and Delmon Young, the Rays have picked players like Rocco Baldelli, Carl Crawford, Elijah Dukes, and Jason Pridie, all of whom reached the majors with varying degrees of success. Current prospects like Drew Vettleson, Josh Sale, Bralin Jackson, and Todd Glaesmann, among others, have the chance to further solidify that standing.

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