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Potential Player of Interest: Ike Davis

No first-base option this winter will be more popular than Ike Davis.

Davis has a few things going for him, including big-time raw power. While most of his home runs comes to the pull side, he’s strong enough to hit balls out to left-center field. Davis has a sound understanding of the strike zone, allowing him to maintain a healthy walk rate. Defensively, his arm is good and he’s known for making a slick play now and again at the cold corner. Factor in Davis’ above-average offensive production throughout his big-league career, and the intrigue has led to some results.

But there are negatives here as well. Davis tinkers with his mechanics a lot—for instance, last season he altered his hand slot and posture, among other things—and his hands move a lot during the load process. The real issue for Davis is recognition rather than repetition; he struggles against secondary pitches, even those thrown within the zone. Unsurprisingly, Davis tends to strike out more than anyone would like. Then there are his woes against left-handed pitching, making him a liability in the late innings.

While it’s unclear what the Mets would want for their 26-year-old first baseman, it’s obvious why the Rays might have interest. Davis’ brand of power is seldom available to Tampa Bay, and his combination of skills might elicit some Carlos Pena flashbacks. Add in that Davis is under control for three more seasons, and he could be a multi-year solution at first base.

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