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Potential Player of Interest: Mark Reynolds

Expect to see countless pieces tying Mark Reynolds to the Rays over the next week-plus. Here’s another to add to the pile.

To paraphrase Jonny Gomes: There’s nothing secret about Reynolds’ services. He hits the ball hard, walks a lot, and strikes out even more. The statistics are easy enough to find, but they do illustrate the extremity of Reynolds’ game. Consider that Reynolds has averaged 31 homers, 77 walks, and 189 strikeouts over the past three seasons—Carlos Pena has averaged 25 home runs, 92 walks, and 167 strikeouts over the same span.

Reynolds employs a mature approach at the plate. Despite the strikeout rate, Reynolds does not expand his zone willy-nilly. He takes pitches and shows a good deal of selectiveness. The strikeout rate stems from a longish uppercut swing. Reynolds does have positives working in his favor. His raw strength is up there with anyone in the league. He boasts strong hands that allow him to whip his bat through the zone, counterbalancing the swing’s length and unevenness. He showed the ability not only to hit velocity but to square it up in the games I watched. On occasion, you’ll see Reynolds make an in-swing adjustment on a breaking ball, spraying it the other way; likewise, you’ll see Reynolds collapse his back leg now and again after taking a vicious hack. He did appear to have some issues with pitches away, while torching anything left over the plate or in his jam area.

I paid no attention to Reynolds’ defense because it’s not obvious that he would play the field were he to sign with the Rays. (It is worth noting that his defensive reputation is poor.) You don’t see power like Reynolds’ available in the Rays’ price range often, but there are enough questions about his skill set—namely his fielding an ability to DH—and enough options out there for the Rays to make this more than a slam-dunk decision. Even so, don’t be surprised if Reynolds winds up in St. Pete.

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  1. buddaley wrote:

    I have read that Reynolds played well at 1B. Do you think he might be signed to play there rather than to DH?

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