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Previewing the Blue Jays

With the Rays doing everything in their power to piss all over their fanbase this will be the last post that focuses solely on the team in Tampa Bay. From now on this will be an all things baseball site. Reap what you sow.

Rays have pitched well of late. The Blue Jays have done a little better. Mostly through their power of suppression on balls in play as both walks and strikeouts look worse than what the Rays have been up to over the last 30 days.

A lot of this for the Rays is due to their revamped bullpen, but Chris Archer continues to be solid and Blake Snell may be starting to turn a corner. Alex Cobb has been awful, though, as he closes in on his career high for batters faced set back in 2014. Estrada and Happ lead the charge for the Northern Nightmares, with another starter, Marcus Stroman also showing well. Their bullpen has multiple excellent options from both sides of the bump, and should be avoided at all costs.

Meanwhile, the Rays have been the second worst offense in the game over the past month. They’re back to striking out a ton, but no longer have the power on balls in play to make up for thrown away plate appearances. Fortunately, the Blue Jays haven’t been all that much better. Their offense has been predicated on the walk, and have shown similar ball-striking to the Rays.

It’s not hard to see why the Rays are scuffling. Souza and Duda have been mostly fine, but there are just too many bad hitters in this lineup, and they’re getting everyday play. Mallex Smith is the worst hitter in baseball. Hechavarria is nipping at his heels. Wilson Ramos has been worse on a rate basis. Each of those sub-replacement players is put in the lineup every single day. Complete consternation is the only emotion when it comes to the decision-making and talent evaluating abilities of this front office. While the Jays have only been slightly better you can see a couple of thumpers at the top that make up for some of the deficiencies at the bottom. Limiting Smoak, Donaldson and Morales would go a long way to, haha, nevermind, who cares.

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