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Previewing the Cincinnati Reds

The Rays head back home for their bi-centennial event of taking on the Reds. Here’s what you can expect:

At the plate these are pretty similar teams looking at non-ball in play events, but the Rays have hit the ball a whole lot harder when they have made contact.

Votto is the guy everyone knows, but he is flanked by a couple of other good hitters in Schebler and Duvall. Batting from opposite sides of the plate means you may only get one each day, but they both hit the ball really hard. Duvall can be struck out, while Schebler does a better job of not giving away at bats. The shine has come off Cozart some and Hamilton is the worst hitter in the game, but that isn’t why he is scary. Keeping him off the bases would go a long way, and the Rays should seek to limit the damage when the Reds do manage to put one over the wall.

Quite a few of their batters have seen worse actual results than expected, which may be a systemic thing, but probably means these guys have a good process with the results correcting as soon as today.

On the mound is where the Rays have a decided advantage in this series. The Reds don’t strike anybody out, though I’m sure our boys will throw them a bone, and they walk more than you’d like to see. They make up for these deficiencies by allowing some of the weakest contact in the game. Add in a pretty good defender at most positions and the Rays will need to take advantage when and where they can.

Adleman has been the one starter that you could call a bright spot. The Rays will see him in the finale, but neither of Feldman nor the rookie Garrett should be striking fear in the hearts of our thumpers. Their pen, on the other hand, is pretty stout with Iglesias providing a solid lockdown option late. Storen and Peralta are no slouches, either, and the lefty Blake Wood pairs very nicely with the righty Michael Lorenzen to provide bridgework independent of the score. Both can soak up innings with good ability to get guys out so knocking the starter out of the box early might mean less than in another series.

Feldman gets the opener, and has seen better results than he should expect, which may or may not continue. Garrett goes the other way having even worse results than his poor expectations. Both Lorenzen and Iglesias have out-performed so maybe those two are due for a stinker.

The Rays have managed to go 7-1-3 in their last 11 series, but they’ve “only” gone 20-15 in that time. If they want to start really climbing this ladder they’re going to need to start sweeping a series or three. I see no better time than today to start the 6-9 game winning streak that they have thus far lacked, and which can put them over the top.

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