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Rays Add Larkin, Glanville to Managerial Search

On Monday, the Rays added two more names to their managerial hunt, in Hall of Fame shortstop Barry Larkin and former big-league outfielder Doug Glanville (both current ESPN analysts, oddly enough).

Larkin and Glanville join a diverse group of candidates that includes past managers, minor-league managers, and some without any coaching experience whatsoever; expectantly, almost all are well perceived within the industry (including Kevin Cash and Craig Counsell), and neither Larkin nor Glanville is an exception. Larkin has been rumored as a candidate for past jobs, and gained in-game experience managing Brazil in the most recent World Baseball Classic. Glanville, conversely, has no coaching experience, though he is an otherwise impressive individual.

On an unrelated note, it’s probably time for the consternation to fade about expanding the process to include those outside the organization. It’s possible that Dave Martinez or Charlie Montoyo get the job anyway, but it’s important to consider that if the Rays had prioritized continuity some nine years ago, they would’ve hired some combination of John McLaren and Bill Evers. Obviously there’s no guarantee going external will result in the same success—and it’s possible they’re simply doing due diligence in case they need to hire a new bench coach—but the same is true of staying internal for staying internal’s sake. Besides, if either Martinez or Montoyo is irreparably damaged by this process, then they probably weren’t the correct choice to begin with.

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