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Rays’ Bloom on Odorizzi

Earlier this week I wrote an article on GammonsDaily.com detailing the strengths and weakness of Tampa Bay’s presumed fifth starter, Jake Odorizzi. In the piece I highlighted Odorizzi’s advanced maturity and mound presence while exploring the perceived lack of stuff and out-pitch. Soon after I spoke with Rays’ executive Chaim Bloom about these topics. Here is what the Director of Baseball Operations had to say:

On makeup & mound presence:

Jake’s mound presence was one of the things our scouts liked before we acquired him — his composure and his poise stood out. Translating that to the major league level isn’t automatic and he did a terrific job. It was exciting for us to see how Jake adapted and learned from each big league outing he had throughout the summer. The way he pitched in September, especially in that extra-inning game against Baltimore, spoke volumes about how he’s made up.

On the topics of stuff, out-pitches, and missing bats:

I think that when you have an arsenal as deep as Jake’s, with several quality pitches in play at all times, you have advantages that might not be as apparent as when you have an upper-90’s fastball or one devastating secondary pitch. But they’re every bit as real. When you not only have good stuff but you can also execute any pitch in any count, get ahead consistently, disrupt timing, and change eye levels, you’re going to be very successful.

For more on Odorizzi arriving on “Stage Three”, and his arsenal check out the Gammons Daily piece.

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