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Rays Draft Casey Gillaspie

With their first-round pick, no. 20 overall, the Rays selected Wichita State first baseman Casey Gillaspie.

We covered the switch-hitting Gillaspie during our pre-draft Q&A session with Chris Crawford. The takeaway was that, while Gillaspie has a good approach and glove, his power might not translate in whole to wooden bats, which capped his ceiling lower than his college performance would have you think. Keith Law provided a similar assessment in a recent mock draft by writing, “His upside is limited, but he’s good enough offensively and defensively that he has a chance to be an everyday first baseman, just probably not one who you can hit in the middle of the order.”

As you would expect, the league seemed to have wide-ranging opinions on Gillaspie. Nick J. Faleris noted that “some evaluators have dropped the ‘metal bat swing’ label” on him. Meanwhile, a scout told Jim Callis that Gillaspie could develop into as good a hitter as Mark Teixeira or Lance Berkman.

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