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Rays Re-Claim Cesar Cabral

Since early December Cesar Cabral has been drafted by the Tampa Bay Rays in the Rule 5 draft from the Boston Red Sox, turned 21, put on waivers by Tampa Bay, selected off waivers by the Toronto Blue Jays, put back on waivers by the Jays, and re-claimed by the Rays.

Soon after they claimed the young lefty on Saturday, Toronto announced they would try to work out a trade with Boston. Seemingly unable to make a deal, he was put back on waivers. One would assume since the Rays put in another claim for him, they will now try to do the same – make a deal with Boston to keep him in the system.

After some discussion and research with R.J. Anderson, there are some interesting -albeit limited- financial implications with all the back and forth Cabral transactions. The Rays paid $50k to draft Cabral in December. They received $20k from Toronto for this weekend’s waiver claim; however, that $20k is gone now that they have re-claimed him. If the Rays are unable to work out a trade for his rights, they could put him back on waivers. If he clears, they could offer him back to the Red Sox for $25k. All in all, the money exchanging hands has no impact on the organizations, but still interesting to follow the paper trail of a 21-year-old LOOGY who would probably two or three years from the show if he were a normal prospect.

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