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Rays-Related Tidbits From The Sloan Conference

Jonah Keri told the story about a team scout’s infatuation with Albert Pujols and how the Rays completely bungled Pujols’ workout (it’s in the book and rather disheartening). Tom Tippett, who created Diamond Mind Baseball and works for the Red Sox, with the zinger:

Tom Tippett after @JonahKeri story “what if Pujols ended up on Rays?”: “Maybe they wouldn’t have picked in the top-3 every year.”#ssac

Jonah also seemed to touch on the alternative reality should the Rays have chosen Pujols and had him work out like he has. Namely, the team would have been better. Perhaps improved enough that Chuck LaMar and Vince Naimoli still run the team, while Evan Longoria and David Price are playing for the Royals or Rockies or somewhere else. I touched on this with Josh Hamilton a while back.

The Rays invested in injury prevention (especially w/ pitchers) as a new way to gain an edge #ssac

An unsurprising revelation given the whispers around the team about biomechanics (even coming from players like James Shields) and the relative clean sheet the new regime has with pitching injuries.

Here’s a few more interesting tidbits from the conference, with the baseball panel featuring Tippett, Keri, Rob Neyer, John Abbamondi (Padres), and Joe Bohringer (Diamondbacks):

If you add up his 3Bs and HRs Crawford is clearing the bases 30 times a year, we take that very seriously. – Tippett #ssac

Abbamondi: You need someone watching to tell if low-level dominance can be sustained (easy to overwhelm A hitters w/ one good pitch) #ssac

Most valuable commodities in MLB are cost-controlled players. Puts onus on amateur & low minors scouting. -Bohringer #ssac

Abbamondi: inefficiencies don’t last as long now because of the movement around the game. ideas travel w/ people from org to org. #ssac

Bohringer quotes Mangini from yesterday: scouting + data is a “force multiplier” #ssac

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  1. ryangilliss wrote:

    Interesting stuff. I wish that my industry had something like #ssac that encouraged smart people to get together and discuss ways to do business in a more efficient way.

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