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Rays Select Teaford, Demote Dominguez

What, you thought the Rays could go a few days without making a roster move?

The latest chain of transactions straightens out like so:

  • Jose Dominguez was optioned to Durham.
  • Everett Teaford was selected from Durham.
  • Allan Dykstra was designated for assignment.

Unlike the last few roster moves, which have been straightforward in nature, this sequence includes a surprise. After throwing three innings on Friday night, Andriese seemed like a good bet to head to Durham. Instead the Rays sent down Dominguez, who seemingly could’ve pitched Saturday if needed. The decision probably won’t matter much—Andriese could also go down in the coming week—but it is a deviation from the expected path, and it makes the Tampa Bay bullpen even less interesting.


To wit, Teaford is a junk-balling southpaw with a low ceiling and little big-league success. He spent last season overseas, with the LG Twins of the Korean Baseball Organization, where he was outpitched by erstwhile D-Ray Jae Kuk Ryu. (In case you were excited about this promotion, Ryu had a 5.12 ERA and 2.21 strikeout-to-walk rate.) Teaford’s best attribute is either his ability to provide multiple innings, or his left-handedness. In theory, he could hang around as the last guy in the bullpen. More likely: he loses his 40-man roster spot before Flag Day.

Speaking of which, bet your soul on Dykstra clearing waivers.

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