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Rays Sign Edgar Gonzalez


Edgar Gonzalez is not to be confused with the utility infielder of the same name (who happens to be Adrian Gonzalez’s big brother). Instead, this is the Gonzalez who came to Oakland in the Dan Haren trade. Despite an untidy 5.88 ERA with poor peripherals to match, Gonzalez has more than 300 big league innings and had an impressive streak of making an appearance in every big league season since 2003 that was broke last season. Gonzalez toiled in the minors (for the Dodgers) and in Mexico, but ostensibly will ride out the 2011 season in Durham.

There’s not much to like here at the big league level, at least not for the Rays. Gonzalez is no longer young (he recently turned 28) and his shtick is that of a poor man’s Andy Sonnanstine or Dirk Hayhurst. He throws in the high-80s to low-90s and lacks a wipeout pitch or any kind of weaponry to win battles with lefties (they’ve walloped him over 700 plate appearances to the turn of .328/.400/.588). His stuff isn’t good enough to win a war with righties either, as his OPS against sits nearly .200 points lower, but still above the range you’d like to see from a fringy right-handed middle reliever.

Gonzalez’s most useful attribute is his ability to eat up innings. He fits on a poor team uninterested in using a younger arm in the mop-up role. On the Rays, he’s unlikely to see the light of the Trop.

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  1. budman3 wrote:

    While I don’t see Gonzalez as anyone the Rays are counting on other than Durham fodder, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sonny has more struggles in ST, that his job as long man (or 6th starter) is in jeopardy. There are a lot of guys(still available..Bonderman, Doug Davis, maybe even Zito if he gets released)making less than a million who can fill that role. How often are the Rays going to need a mop up guy in a blow out and couldn’t a lot of guys fill in for two weeks if a starter goes down?

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