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Rays Sign Juan Carlos Oviedo and Juan Sandoval

With weeks to spare, the Rays have announced the signing of four more non-roster players. Tommy will have analysis on the two players that may make their way to the Trop in 2013 (Shelley Duncan and Jamey Wright). For the time being, here are some thoughts on the long shots: Juan Carlos Oviedo and Juan Sandoval.

Oviedo, formerly known as Leo Nunez, missed most of last season due to identity fraud-related issues. Once Oviedo returned to the mound it didn’t take long for him to land on the operating table with a busted elbow. Because Oviedo underwent Tommy John surgery last September, it’s unreasonable to expect his return to come any sooner than the 11 or 12-month anniversary of the procedure. As a result, this signing is as much about 2014 as 2013. Oviedo can spend this season rehabbing under the Rays watch then return next season as a contributor. Consider it a two-way act of goodwill.

When Oviedo has pitched in the past he’s been an effective ninth-inning option thanks to a mid-90s fastball, changeup, and slider. Most recently, Oviedo spent 2009-2011 closing out games for the Marlins. During that time Oviedo made 211 appearances, posted a 3.86 ERA, and struck out 2.7 batters for every walk issued. He showed some home run-friendly tendencies, which is a trait the Rays have not shied away from in the past.

Sandoval, who turned 32 a week ago, has pitched in Mexico since 2011. Before then he spent time in the Phillies, Brewers, and Mariners organizations. Worth noting: Sandoval is blind in one eye after being struck with shotgun pellets. Here’s the entire story. He seems like an easy guy to root for.

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