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Red Sox to Acquire Adrian Gonzalez

Check Red Sox Beacon for more on the Red Sox’s perspective. Meanwhile, Dave Cameron covered the Red Sox’s decision to go with Adrian Gonzalez over Adrian Beltre here:

So, over the next four years, Gonzalez will be worth about $20 to $25 million more than Beltre and the prospects. Given that Gonzalez’s contract in years 5-7 won’t provide much additional value above and beyond having that money available to spend, as they would with a shorter deal for Beltre, that number seems to be about the spread in cost that the Red Sox should be looking for here.

If they were willing to give Beltre $60 million over four years, then going with Gonzalez makes sense if they get him for less than $85 million over those same years. If he ends up getting significantly more than that, or they have to give him an eighth and ninth year as part of the extension, then they may have better off with Beltre and the kids. Given that Gonzalez seems legitimately interested in playing in Boston, however, I expect they’ll get him signed to a not-crazy contract, and this decision will prove to be the better one.

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