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Report: Alex Cobb Returns

Update: Roger Mooney is reporting Cobb was scratched from his Sunday start with Durham and appears likely to start for the Rays on Tuesday. Credit to the wire services for being way out in front on the possibility, albeit erroneous about the transaction already occurring.

The last time Alex Cobb was in the majors, he failed to last five innings then had an impromptu video session with Jim Hickey to dissect his pitch tipping ways. After a few starts in Triple-A, it appears Cobb is back according to various wire services. The corresponding 25-man roster move is yet to be announced, but the obvious one is Andy Sonnanstine going away for a little while.

I believe Sonnanstine has an option remaining unless the Rays signed that right away in a contract. The only other pitcher whom can be optioned and would be a candidate is Brandon Gomes—and he has pitched well enough to stick around, even if his role is not overly important. It’s also possible the Rays are going to place on the disabled list, but who knows.

Back to Cobb, he pitched last on Monday, meaning he could start on Saturday (with full rest) if the Rays so needed.

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  1. upnm42 wrote:

    Agree Sonnanstine experiment hasn’t worked.Gomes 2 runs in Yankee game were largely due to two infield singles so he should stay to pitch to RH hitters.

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