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Report: Rays Discussed Jason Bartlett for David Hernandez Trade


The talks with the Rays included discussion of a potential swap of Orioles reliever David Hernandez for [Jason Bartlett], who hit .254 with four homers and 47 RBIs in 2010, but is a career .281 hitter. However, that deal appears unlikely at this point as the Orioles consider other options.

Bartlett has taken up a lot of space around these parts. His status is pretty well established. Hernandez is the new name here, and he’s not that new of a name for those who pay attention to rival teams. He turns 26 next May and primarily works off a mid-90s fastball. He had some success out of the bullpen for the Orioles last year, although his flyball and home run rates are a bit concerning, even for someone capable of working up in the zone.

This rumor comes on the same day that a similar deal occurs in the National League. The Astros traded their version of David Hernandez (being Felipe Paulino) for a lesser version of Jason Bartlett (Clint Barmes). The Rays should be able to get a better return than the Rockies, but don’t be shocked if the model is similar to Hernandez/Paulino: a young-ish, cost-controlled arm with upside out of the pen.

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