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Report: Rays Interested in Mike Napoli

The Rays are in trade talks with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for catcher Mike Napoli according to The Sporting News.

Napoli is a right-handed bat due to make more than $5 million next year. He’s a bit like Kelly Shoppach in the sense that he’s a nonplussed defender with a solid bat. Unlike Shoppach, Napoli can hammer lefties and still play against righties. Over the last three seasons he’s posted wOBA of more than .400 versus southpaws (career: .397) and despite a down year in 2010, his career wOBA versus righties is .344. Napoli has also played first base because of the Angels morbid curiosity towards Jeff Mathis.

How this would affect the Rays’ current roster and free agent aspirations is undeterminable at this point. One has to think, though, that Shoppach could find himself on the way out for a relief pitcher.

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  1. jasoncollette wrote:

    KC is the only place I think would need to have a vet catcher right now unless another team has an injury in camp.

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