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Report: Tampa Bay Rays Shopping Matt Garza

Courtesy of Ed Price:

The Rays are motivated to deal right-hander Matt Garza, a source told FanHouse Tuesday.

The Texas Rangers are one team that is interested in Garza, particularly if free-agent left-hander Cliff Lee opts to sign with the Yankees or elsewhere and if Royals ace Zack Greinke is beyond their means in a trade.

Much like the Jason Bartlett trade talks, this one isn’t a surprise:

With all that information gathered, the most likely candidate to go is Garza. It makes sense why other teams would be interested in the hard-throwing righty. After all, he was the 2008 ALCS Most Valuable Player, he did just throw a no-hitter, and he has the kind of stuff that makes you think he can do both of those again before he hangs his cleats up for good.

Garza is an above-average pitcher, and one who has provided tremendous service to the organization. But he’s also about to become very expensive on a team that absolutely lives off cost-efficient production – read: a combination of young restricted players along with undervalued assets.

If the Rays could re-sign Garza to a similar deal to the one Shields owns, perhaps things will end differently. For now, though, fans should begin to familiarize themselves with the cycle, because this will not be the first or last time it happens.

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