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Revisiting Logan Morrison

In our offseason look at the Rays potential bats for 2016 I had this to say about Logan Morrison:

The most important takeaway with LoMo is just how very good he is when staying within the zone and just how very bad he is when he expands out of it. His BACON is more than .100 points higher and his SLGCON is twice as high within the strike zone as it is out of it. That’s pretty evident here as the power is non-existent outside of the wide zone and not a whole lot more between there and the rule book zone. Keeping it tight, while staying aggressive on pitches in the zone could go a long way in helping LoMo be a contributor this year.

The notion was supported by this table and chart:




It’s not so much that Morrison is some monster when he stays within the zone, but more so that when he leaves it he becomes essentially useless. For me, this is the biggest key of whether he will be a productive member of this club or not. So it makes sense to look at how these things are shaping up during this start to the year.

2016 Table

So far he has swung at more pitches out of the zone than within, which is terrible and looks a lot like this:

Zone Swings

Perhaps you prefer a heat map:

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 12.57.40 PM

This looks like a guy that is pressing to show that he belongs and trying to do too much. I think the struggles will continue until he can leave this mindset behind and start getting back to the things that can help him have success. To that end I think it would make sense to drop him lower in the order where there should be less pressure until he figures it out. I’m not all that high on, never was, truly, but his current approach is not going to lead to successful outcomes for him. Get back to leaving that stuff off the plate, even if it ends up being a called strike and get back to driving pitches on the fat part of the plate. It hasn’t been good, but it has to get better than this.

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